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Games » Puzzle | 1 2 3 4 5 6 | 07 Mar 2010 | Freeware | Created by Fun Factory

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Review by FileBEAST's Dr Norris:

Absolute Mastermind reminds me exactly of the original. The graphics are crude and un-polished, but this mearly lends to the overall charm of this freeware package. Absolute Mastermind remains as playable as ever. Many different options will always provide an exciting challenge for you. I promise you, Absolute Mastermind could be played ad-infinitum by my mother. So it's the perfect gift to keep them quite with then.

Review by FileBEAST's blunt:

If you're a fan of puzzle games, you'll definitely know Mastermind. This free game can keep you entertained for hours. Rather plain graphics and effects but it is, after all, just a puzzle game.

Absolute Mastermind - Info

Click on the start button to start a normal mastermind game, then choose colors in the color selector and put them on the first row.

When you have filled all available slots then press the check button to make your guess, you will now hopefully get some black/white markers to the right of your color combination. A black marker means that you have the correct color in the correct slot, and a white marker that you have the correct color in the wrong slot.

Left-click on the row will put the chosen color at the selected slot, right-click will remove the color from the selected slot and clicking middle button will clear the entire row.

To move colors within the row just drag them to there new location and release button and the two colors will change place. If you want to exclude colors from the color selector then right-click the color.


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