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Review by FileBEAST's Dr Norris:

Looking for a fantastic sequel to Sonic? Sonic Robo Blast II should be your bag. The 3D graphics make a fantastic job of rendering Sonic's world in Technicolor glory.

This is certainly a huge upgrade from the previous titles. Multiple characters (such as Tails and Knuckles), Internet play, level grading and much more. Sonic Robo Blast II is the type of freeware that really should not be free. As sublime as the older titles.

Sonic Robo Blast II - Info

* Beautiful 3D Enviroment, with free movement in all directions.
* Multiple choice of characters, including Sonic, Tails and Knuckles (and a few other secret characters), each with different moves, weaknesses and advantages.
* Customizable - includes the ability to create your own levels, characters, level music and sounds and, with knowledge of programming, even a whole new game.
* Multiplayer fun, network play and even Internet play, which will feature both real-time online gaming and an online cheat-proof Time Attack ranking system.
* Hidden levels and goodies to find using a grading system.
* Original Soundtrack produced by some of the best Sonic music artists on the Internet. (Including a special CD version)
* Over 30 levels to play, featuring a variety of locations, from green meadows, to deep underwater ruins, mines, mountains and space stations.
* Multiple routes to choose from.
* And much, much more!


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