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Yet another system compression tool to add to your ever burgeoning collection, lARP64Free is a 64bit freeware compression application. Yes, there are not many 64 bit applications available as the processor is still not a popular option (due to its price) and lARP64Free is nothing that will convert you to the side of 64 bit. It does compress files incredibly well, up to 70% the manual says. This is pretty standard for many compression applications so lARP64Free is neither original nor handy. Stick with Winrar.

lARP64Free - Info

lARP64Free is the superfast 64 bit compression program, based on LZMA compression technology. This freeware edition was specifically designed to be superfast and reliable. Downloads make functionally unlimited versions of lARP64Free available for everyone. Our 64 bit compressor (packer) works on any windows x64 operating system. Download lARP64Free today and it will make your products' internet download times a lot faster. The implemented compression will reduce the overall size of the target with up to 70%. lARP64'ing does not affect the original application's functionality in any way nor does it require additional coding. Unpacking and decryption are performed automatically. This whole process is not noticed by the packed (compressed) application. Also, packed programs run without extracting files to disk. lARP64Free compresses and encrypts all native 64 bit executables or dynamic link library files. Although lARP64Free is primarily meant for developers, it has been a special concern to provide an extremely easy tool in its handling. It suffices to click a couple buttons to lARP64Free an executable or dynamic link library. Also, you will be surprised by the speed of compressing! Indeed, lARP64Free works at lightning speed and the act of compression is almost instantly! If you are in software development, you simply need to compress (or even better to protect) your programs. lARP64Free is developed as a pure 64 bit application compressor without any specific defenses against fraudulent use of the compressed file. So, do not confuse this freeware version with its professional counterpart and remark that in case of shareware or need for protection, there is lARP64Pro (Professional). It is based on the same principles as the freeware version but offers so much more when software security is needed! however, lARP64Free is great x64 software to reduce download times on internet if there is no need for software protection.


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Operating System(s): Windows Vista Home Basic x64, Windows Vista Home Premium x64, Windows Vista Business x64, Windows Vista Enterprise x64, Windows Vista Ultimate x64

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