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Some system tweaking applications are too complex for their own good. Online Synchronization is one of these unfortunate tools which promises the world but cannot deliver. Once Online Synchronization has been downloaded, you can sync information between the main server and any other server on your network. Online Synchronization is incredibly difficult to setup and to get it working correctly is close to a nightmare. If you are a scripting genius then you may find some happiness here, but for the rest of the human race, Online Synchronization is just too tough to work with.

Online Synchronization - Info

Let us show you an example of how our script would handle the following situation:

Imagine a company with a primary database. The database is located on an in house server. The company also has three web sites hosted on three web servers. The main server is the collective backup site for all servers in the group. The company's data administrator must schedule data updates. How will he handle it? Our script does the job for him. Our script creates a synchronized network between the main server and three web servers. As the main server gets new updates, the script delivers them the web servers. The end users see the most recent information.

The following are benefits of using our script:

1. Our script is a custom solution. You can change our script to meet specific needs. No other data synchronization software provides you with this flexibility.
2. The script we provide you is also its own unique source code. This is why we say, "Buy Once for Lifetime Use on n Computers."
3. Our script seamlessly integrates with your database and scripts. No other software integrates as easily as ours do.

Online Synchronization: The Custom Solution

Our custom solution has these additional features:

1. File Synchronization: If your business maintains three online OScommerce stores, how can you transfer files from one store to another? Are you puzzled? We have an online custom solution to meet your needs.
2. RSS Synchronization: One of the best ways use to promote products and services is through an RSS feed. If you owned an online medical supply store, how would you promote the online medical advice website that you maintain separately? The answer is RSS. RSS advertises your medical supplies and your advice service. We can create a custom solution to synchronize the two stores, and your medical advice service will appear on your supply website.


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