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Sort out your office and home finances once and for all with Credit-Card-Crusher. This free download enables you to consolidate your debt, firstly by using Credit-Card-Crusher and then in reality if you so chose to follow its savings plans. Credit-Card-Crusher does this breaking down your current credit cards into manageable repayment options. It states clearly that it is for education purposes only, but you cannot ignore the excellent financial benefits it will provide you. When you finally have a perfect understanding of your own debt situation, your finances can start getting back on track.

Credit-Card-Crusher - Info

Credit-Repair-Planner helps create an optimized repayment schedule which factors in credit improvement. The concept is simple: pay off the highest-interest cards first while bearing in mind that carrying in excess of 50% on any revolving credit line dings your credit score.

Credit-Repair-Planner will break this down into two repayment schedules - the first to get all cards down below 50% and the second to take them down the rest of the way.

Although Credit-Repair-Planner is useful for scheduling repayment, it is meant primarily as an educational tool -- making the path to credit-repayment explicit, concrete and visual. A clear understanding of the debt-repayment path is a crucial part of lifelong debt management.

To use Credit-Repair-Planner, just download and run - the program is entirely self-contained and requires no installation (it can also be run directly from fixed media such as floppy or CD). Credit-Repair-Planner is a single, clean, compact executable with no spyware or DLL dependencies. It is part of an expanding collection of freeware tools available from


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