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Looking for a simple action game to download? Then try out Aero Blasters, new for the windows pc. Your plane has infinite bullets which can easily tear through the weak enemy fighters and can your weapons of war can be upgraded until you fill the screen with hot plasma death. Massive fighter planes, otherwise known as ‘bosses’ will greet you at the end of every level of Aero Blasters, looking to take you down in a hail of bullets. Aero Blasters is a nifty introduction into shooters, due to its easy levels of play.

Aero Blasters - Info

You start of with a plane, which has infinite bullets and dodge enemy fire while shooting them down.

You have your normal weapons which you can upgrade by grabbing power ups. The variety of power ups are the same; missles, turrets, extra guns and even guns which fire behind you. Nothing too fancy but adequate enough. There are two problems with this, one you can not power up the “extra's” like the rockets, you can only change them by grabbing a different power up and two, to change your power up type you have collect a different one on screen. This is annoying when you just know you need a backward firing gun power up but can't get it because there aren't any “power-up” ships around.

The levels all are of decent length and are reasonably challenging, consisting of a nice mix of small and weak foes, larger and more deadly ships and pods that release power-ups. While some of the bosses are very easy, a couple of them provided a fun challenge.


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Operating System(s): Win95, Win98, WinME, WinXP, WinNT 4.x, Windows2000, Windows2003

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